So... SRAM AXS GX upgrade kit

Yep, I went and did it. I’m still dialing it in and have not been on the trail yet but so far, so good. Straight up Shimano XT everywhere but the rear derailleur.

I forgot to mention the box comes with a nice little multitool.

So first trail impressions. Not bad, shifting was crisp but I did have some ghost shifting on the big rings I need to sort out. To be fair… I have an 11 speed cassette installed instead of 12 (on the way) so I anticipated some wonkiness. Didn’t really notice any chain slap or other issues. More to come.

Another ride another update. I have a 12sp cassette on there now (SRAM) but still shifting wonky even with 12sp chain. I think the non-boosted rear is causing issues with the crank chainring. Changes coming!

Keep us posted. Been thinking on going this way

So I installed the GX AXS on the new ride, went with GX non-boost cranks with just a 4.5mm spacer on the drive side, with boost GX 12sp cassette in the rear. It’s perfect. Dialing in was easy and on the trail no missed shifts or janky shifts under power. Just the same shifting no matter what.

Seems silly but when you ride one that works you notice not noticing the pull of traditional gears. There’s no finesse where you have to push a little more on a particular gear - it just works.

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