Smart watch vs Bike Computer

Specifically, the Garmin Fenix 7 vs Garmin Edge 520. The results were surprising for me because while older, the bike computer is so much larger I thought that would give it the edge (pun!)

In the end, the watch seems to be much better than the old 520. Yes it’s years ahead in tech but for someone that might not think the watch will do everything you need it to, I thought I would compare what I have on hand.

520 track

Fenix 7 track

Better charting on the Fenix 7 as well:

520 charts

Fenix 7 charts

The Fenix 7 also matches up with some nifty Garmin Connect things like MTB dynamics and Segments (image):

I believe the new Garmin devices like the 840 gives you the newer charts but besides the temp chart, I’m not sure I need to bother with the 520 anymore and I don’t have to spend the money on the 840… and that means weight savings!

I am a cave man. To this day… still using my phone clock. Time in and time out. Been riding so much if I was too log every ride… I would be totally confused!