Shakedown ride on the new frame

Took the bike to Stillwell Woods to break it in. Couple of things stood out:

  • SID fork is so much smoother and more precise than the old Psylo.
  • Geometry on this bike is very different, so much so that I can’t scoot off the seat in the back easily.
  • Ride is much more plush and less pogo-stick than the Marin
  • Climbs well
  • Descends sketchy because I can’t scoot back far enough!
  • Hydraulic disc brakes really stop faster than mechanicals

I actually was feeling pretty cocky on the first fast downhill (the one with the log drops) and let loose a bit more than usual… a combination of too much brake grab (not used to hydraulic brakes compared to mechanical discs) and not being behind the seat led me to go flying. A scrape to the knee and a bang to the right shoulder taught me to respect the trail… Ouchy.

I have to take some links out of the chain and I’m looking into a dropper now because it’s pretty much necessary on this frame.


Too Bad on the fall.
The SID is top notch.

Loretto has mechanical discs that have incredible stopping power. But…they are 8" rotors

Is it the same shock you used on the Marin?

I’m exaggerating a bit but yes, same shock. The Marin is a great frame, it just has it’s quirks due to the design.

back in 1999 most manufacturers were experimenting with “What will work”
Thank God they got it dialed in.
But…I still thin k to this day Intense/Specialized had got it right with the 4 bar.
Love my Tracer! still to this day I am looking for a bike that rides that good