Saturday ride 9am roll

I am hosting a ride
Bring your legs
Bring bonk food
Bring water
most of all bring a positive attitude

Meet at Shoreham BMX

How was the ride? I spent the entire day at a lacrosse tournament.

Todays ride was awesome. Total riders was 6 mostly from the LIMBA FB page. Joe from florida showed and we chatted about SANTOS and the whole MTB community in florida.

OMBA and AIRBOURNE are great. Clubs like those should be the model on how things should be done.

Anyway…the ride was 12 miles because of time. We hit all the good stuff but cut out siix stage, Motocross, deer pond and a few other sections. all in all everyone had a great time

One of these days I’m meeting you to ride that trail. Was a nice morning for a ride yesterday.

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Lets do it man

You will have a blast

Cant do Saturday. My wife works Saturday. Hangin with my little one. Gonna go Sunday morning to ride not sure where yet. Sundays are really only day for most part I’m able to get away. I’m sure I would definitely love that trail.