Riding tights for cold weather

I picked up some pearl izumi thermal tights to wear under shorts because it’s starting to get chilly outside. What about you guys, getting the cold gear ready?

below freezing i ride in the gym

above…I suck it

So far not yet…but I have a couple options available. I have a couple long sleeve compression shirts and some tights for extreme conditions. I usually ride in shorts till under 30. Don’t wear winter shoes just some wool socks if necessary. On upper body use a Pearl Izumi Barrier Elite jacket or an Endura thermal jacket. The Pearl Izumi is lightweight, windproof, water resistant and turns into a vest. The Endura is for under 25 rides and has arm pit vents and holder pockets on the back. For real cold rides 10-25 I add a balaclava and winter Endura gloves. A big problem during cold rides is that water will freeze from wind chill. There is something special about riding in the cold. Trails are always so peaceful and unridden.

Under armour under my thermal tights,a base layer,my endura base layer thermal ridin jacket and a wind breaker… Seems to be enough for me and I’ve worn that during a ride in 18 degrees with Corey