Riding tech you hit the trails with

So I’m a pretty big geek and hit the trails with a video camera, stabilizer, Edge 520 and an HR monitor. I bring my phone but don’t use the GPS on it because it’s pretty worthless I’ve found.

What about you, what gear do you bring?

My I pod… That’s all

Garmin edge, that’s about it. I don’t wear a camelback anymore, just a tool roll in the jersey pocket and a cell phone in the other.

I bring nothing…well…sometimes water

If im timing a stop watch

other than that I travel light

You guys are more hardcore than I that’s for sure. I forgot but yeah, I still ride with a camelbak stuffed with tools, sunblock, bug spray, tubes…

That is old school.
I stopped using a camelback years ago. I felt the added weight up top raised my center of gravity

also it added to the fatigue in my back

Camel back, cell phone running cyclometer app, looking at heart rate monitors and a new bike computer, saw one that has heart rate on it but not sure about wearing the chest strap, the new optical heart rate watches might be the way I go…

Forget the chest strap, get this: Scosche Rhythm+ Heart Rate Monitor Armband http://amzn.to/1Um226E

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Usually just a phone, a little Crank bros multi, and some water. I’ve never used a Camelback even on long or off island rides…can’t stand a hot back!!

Hmmm, I might have to give a bottle a try. The camelbak rides up when I’m bouncing around on the downhills and it does contribute to the heat.

I found in the early days that the camelback created a high center of gravity throwing my balance off in corners. Also as you said the bouncing around. No ride on Long Island requires a huge camelback full of water. try a water bottle…it will be so much better

I just love being able to take a sip without slowing down, especially on dusty dry days. So I slacked on riding this past week, mostly due to so many other things to do. I got the bar ends I ordered, and the bike computer. I went with the sigma ROX 6.0 CAD for the price, options and reviews. Around$105 on Amazon. Wireless wheel speed, pedal cadence, and heart rate sensors (chest strap may or may not use that). Also can be worn as a watch for hiking. Has a bunch of other options also. now my MTB has more sensors than my old Chevy :smiley: . Heading out for a RP ride to test it out.:sunglasses:


Had a good ride, all sensors for the computer worked, used the chest strap. The preset options showed a max heart rate of 182 for my age/weight (46/185), And the computer kept signaling me to slow down :snail:… I rode what felt comfortable, somewhat fast pace… My average heart rate was 171, max 190, 1,651Kcal, total altitude 652 ft., Trip distance 16.50mi, ride time 01:40:02, average speed 9.89mph, max speed 22.77mph, Cadence 67rpm, trip climb 652ft, max altitude 216ft, the altitude/barometric pressure needs to be set for this area, when I first started I’m on a big hill near the sound, higher than the RP trails and it was reading -sea level at the trail. So I reset the sea level to keep above water :relieved:.
Bar ends felt good. Also used my windows phone with the cyclometer app in my camelback (phones to big and expensive for handlebar mount).

Pretty impressive!

Keep up the good work

I used to love my bar ends… Until I got thrown more than once from my bike when a straggler or a vine hanging in the trail caught one of them

Yeah I remember that happening to me too :grin:

In the beginning when riding From woodbury road (after having a dog at Rita’s) Heading north. The group I rode would head up to stillwell. Too Many times while banging bars those damn bar ends would hook onto the Bramble on the side o the trail and pull me into the sticker bushes. This was not fun…so…off they came. Yeah people laughed at me (along with the fact I also rode only in the big ring…which led to more laughs) and passed comments.
But I immediately notice that the added weight or Lack there of when they were removed and the advantages.
Never missed them one day after and never missed being pulled to the ground by them.

OK, you guys will love this one out of the visionmtb archives. A looooooooong time ago, there was a group ride to Trumbull. Remember the group rides? The sprain invasion? So I meet, Taino (screename Tai) at the ferry terminal. He picks me up, we stop at some crazy bakery (his suggestion) for these amazeballs scones and coffee. We’re enjoying the pre-ride breakfast and I look at his camelback. It’s stuffed to the proverbial gills. I mean, zipper splitting, seam busting stuffed. I look at him and ask, where the Fk are we going? He laughs and says he always rides prepared. I’m freaking out thinking I got in way over my head (never been to Trumbull before then). We get to the Daniels road parking lot, meet the other visionites, suit up and take off. Of course someone has a mechanical on the ride and Tai springs forth into boyscout action. I was impressed. Dude starts emptying the camelback and out comes a HUGE first aid kit, I mean like field surgery kit. A kit so big you could pierce your aorta and we probably could have pulled off saving your life. Then a portable shelter comes out (ok exaggerating a bit here), well it looked like a poncho/shelter bivy bag thing. Next a spare rear shock. NO I kid you not a freaking spare shock!!! Who rides with a spare shock??? Finally, a bike shop’s roll of tools comes out and he proceeds to fix the rear derailleur, true the wheels and rebuild the BB all at the same time. The guys bike never ran so good. Hats off to Taino wherever in the world he may be and one of the original Visionites from back in the day.

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HOLY Shift Taino is alive and well! Ha ha, hats off to that crazy mofo!!! What a great guy!

I so remember him posting. Dont know if i ever met or rode with him.

You knew who I used to stomp around with. They all thought I was nutz because i never carried anything. My bikes were always well prepped and if there was an issue it was a flat.

I get a kick out of people who carry 90oz of water for a 1 hr ride