Ride Tomorrow (saturday)

Heading out to Either MVH or ESS

Looking like a 9-930 roll time

Prob not riding tom…weather looks iffy. But did get my fork back from Cali can’t wait to get back on Rambo.

yeah,…no. …good!

Mvh Imo has always been the worse trail we have (other than Eastport) and used to get in trouble on the other site for saying so. I haven’t ridden it in over a year. Too soft, full of ticks, and except for a couple rocks…nothing going on. Plus I get that twilight zone feeling halfway thru…maybe it’s finally packed down. I figure if I’m gonna drive 45-50 min for a so so trail, I’ll just take a bridge or ferry to ride much better trails. Ess I also haven’t ridden in a couple months…used to like it for the tech stuff there till I expanded my horizons.

Rain is coming out late in the afternoon…yeah it will be cold…I would ride on the road with the A+ guys but its too cold for that…Do you Want to ride with me?

I need a fast MTB cardio workout

No rain/snow so far; go for it! I’ve got a little league parade followed by more kids sports which is fun in its own way.

Hit up ESS today…wow the trail is in great shape.