R.I.P. Front Derailluers

Here’s a copy of the Front Derailluers post from the old forum:

I’m a stand up climber myself. As far as missing gears it’s mostly when you bite off more than you can chew and decide to drop a gear so you don’t fall over :wink:

I’ve been thinking about this some more and I’m going to give it a test… My old-school ride has 27 gears so the next time I ride I’ll stick with just 9 and see how it goes.

Honestly, if a new bike comes with 1x11 then great but I’m not sure it’s worth the upgrade price ($400 or so on eBay and you also need the XD driver for the rear hub.)

Depends on where you ride…for Long Island even a 1x10 is plenty. I ride my Djer sometimes on trails and it’s a 1x9 32t with 11-28 and do fine…