Quarq ShockWiz installed!

Yeah, finally got the ShockWiz put on and calibrated. Going to have get some rides done to see how I can make this work.

Never seen this
what does it do?

The idea is the computer brain tells you what to do to tune your fork and rear shock. You set a couple of parameters and ride. At the end, it gives you suggestions that if you make, you reset again and ride to see if it helped.

I can not say I am a Suspension expert.
Years of tuning Motocross bikes at the level I was at… I am pretty good at suspension.
I know what I like and how its supposed to work.
The settings recommended in a manual are exactly that. Terrain, Trail, speed and other factors play into setting up the suspension.
You can go as far as saying even tire pressure plays a roll. This is why I always ran a higher pressure on Long Island trails.
I changed my settings on the fork and shock from trail to trail as well as tire pressure.
Slower trails required less pressure all around.

Yeah I usually over pump then let out but I thought what the heck, let’s give technology a chance.

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