Post a little about yourself


Please post a little about yourself, The bike/bikes you ride, Favorite Trail and anything else you would like to add

Hi, I’m Tim. I ride a 1999 Marin East Peak. I’ve upgraded it a bit and it’s riding great. As far as trails, Stillwell is my favorite right now.

Hmm, time to update this:

New ride 26" Chiner carbon. Same old body though :wink:

Jim is the name.
I love cycling
It started as a BMX thing and just grew

My Bikes
2005 Intense Tracer
2006 Fuji Professional Road bike
2014 Redline Pro Flight Cruiser
2015 WEIL carbon Hard Tail
2016 Intense Spider 27.5

Favorite Trail Varies from week to week
I do Hit most of the trails on the island thru the year. …Love em all

Hi my name is gus. I have two konas I’m a kona lover lol. I’m always down to ride I love riding upstate :wink:

Welcome aboard Gus without fear of

Happy Posting and look fwd to riding with you. Sorry It will not be at Lippman…

Why no lippman lol :wink:

Jeff here just a fat jakaz riding a fatbike through the woods!

LOL Jeff.

I think we all Just ride bicycles in the woods

Hi, I have been riding long island teails for about 20 years now. i am 41. I ride a 2009 specialized hard rock frame that just got a bunch of new friends. Sometimes this new creature scares the hell out of me as I’m trying to adjust to its feeling of new speed and super powered ease of gear transfer in my new drivetrain. Big big upgrade in feel from the way it used to ride. I like trying to tame this new beast at east setauket or rocky point. Very interested to try shoreham hills and going to different out of state bike parks.<img src="/uploads/db6338/original/1X/4111dcdebb673e82c7c9162fff7410a882a358f2.jpg

PM me. I am planning some rides

Cool… Thx dude. Mostly Sunday mornings I’m free, and what’s pm me mean. Not as up on my internet slang/computer terminology as I guess I should be these days.

PM = Personal Message

I will host a ESS ride that is abbreviated for those who do not have the strength

Wow…personal message …can’t believe I couldn’t figure that out.
How much tougher is ess than say west side of belle Meade rd at east setauket or even ‘the wall’ trail thats been added in the far east there?

The effort is as much, but the trail is WAY more fun.


BMX Dirt Jumper turned Downhiller and XC/Trail rider

I currently ride a Santa Cruz 5010CC

My go to trail is Glacier Ridge but I’ll also hit Meadowlark and Stillwell here and there. I’d like to expand that to checking out everything on the Island and nearby Upstate.

I’m not the best/strongest pedaler, but I love flow and tech (hence GR). Lately I’ve been trying to get as much mileage in as possible to improve on that.

Welcome aboard Joe

Awesome a bmx’r

If that is the case you will also lover rp, but that trail flows for 21 miles!

Artie , been riding for damn near forever.
Still have my original mtn bikes ( from 1998).
Have know Sparty and Tim from the beginning of Vision.

Have been off the mtn bike for the last five years looking forward to hitting the trails again.

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So good to see your back.

Lets do some riding. Tomorrow is the easy peasy beginner ride at calvy…Join me