Paved pump tracs

Pave the pump tracs !

Let everyone get some !

Weather proof and maintenance

Paved Pump is a great Idea. That would attract more users to utilize the resources.

Got some nice air on a couple of those

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@Kluncker can you please stop putting stickers on trail markers. It creates unnecessary work for the trail stewards. Stickers are for cars, racks , bottles etc… not trail markers. Thanks for your cooperation on this matter

I have not been stickering signs. Where have you seen them ?

They are on trail markers at GR. Sorry if it wasn’t you. If you do know who it is please ask them to stop. I greatly appreciate your help.

Keep on KlunKin

Proud to know you Hoss

you’re a good man!!!

The Eagle flies Higher than the crow.

remember… if they are talking bout ya… you’re a threat to their Machine…

Grown Men riding Bicycles n the woods arguing over dirt… LMFAO

Hey KlunK… dd you find out who trashed your shrine…

Why add fuel to a fire that was put out? Just want to make trails easier to navigate since there a a rise in newcomers on the trails. Sorry for making it safer for everyone.

Bare in mind
I am
Saying this without angst

Some people get hurt and others expecting them to sweep their feelings under the carpet is kind of selfish

Then the attackers attack them on an open forum and presenting it that they are wrong while they just “want to make the trails better for everyone” is kind of a hypocrisy

I have always lived on a 2 way street and unfortunately other live on a one way

We are grown men riding bicycles in the woods and nothing more
And it’s a power struggle to see who is the top person
In the process people get hurt and are supposed to hide and keep their mouths shut…. WTF is that
People in groups pack feed and create cliques…. Either you are with us or against us mentality

While we …… even the outsiders “just want to make it better for everyone”

Think about your role and how the insiders kicked you around years ago
When you and your wife were trying to get donations for bicycles and how you posted all the time about wanting to show up for rides but couldn’t…

I was there for all that…, I saw and heard peoples attacking comments towards you

I support klunker and know what he is all about and feel for him
The baby games being played against him

I am not adding fuel to a fire… that was NEVER put out… I am showing support to a hard worker who cares and “wants to make it safer for everyone”

I don’t know where this is all coming from. But It was asked to not put stickers on trail markers. Klunker said it wasn’t him I apologized. Done. Standing up for people placing stickers on trail markers is not necessary. People should be able to know which way to go.

I said

to be Clear

I SUPPORT Klunker… HIM… Simple… Understand.

Stop giving him a hard time

But I would love to see pics of the stickers and the unsafe trails. I am just curious… it would be nice if you could share these pictures or is it just talk.

Is paved Pump Tracks a bad Idea?
I think its a great Idea… we are not talking a paved jump line, but a PUMP track… DO you know what a Pump track is (its not stickers on signs)

and you… wattowa… are the one who turned the topic with an accusation (you accused him, so there must be talk or cameras) Then told him like he is an Idiot… where to put stickers… that had nothing to do with the Original post.

That’s not my Monkey ( nor my circus )
Mine has the wings.
But if you’re worried about safety - you should tell the Stewart not to pile sticks lengthwise in the ruts

Ruts he caused by sweeping the sand ( mineral content ) out leaving the clay behind. Clay content rises and retains moisture

( this PSA message was brought to you by bike cave commack New York )

Who the Heck put those sticks in the ruts like that!

Oh My God…

30 years of working in Drainage (Yes I am a professional in water management/drainage, I forgot more than most people know))… peoples yards, parking lots, Businesses and I have only scene something like this when customers needed to be rescued…Thats Crazy

So much ado about nothing. Glad I missed this one.

Some things never change (lord knows I have tried)

It kind of hit hard with the way this was spun off topic with an accusation.
Todd… AKA Klunker is an Amazing man. He works hard and is looking out for the future of kids (not grown men riding bicycles in the woods). I have seen him in action. He maybe a bit ruff around the edges (but we all are)… but he has good in mind. He and I talk quite often… I know his Knowledge and have seen his work… He Knows what he is doing!
He tried breaking into the inner circle, but they feel threatened by him because he is a doer who takes no credit and they want the credit.
So the Attack above was uncalled for!

Talk about grass roots. Todd lost his leg and rides a Klunker single speed even though he can afford what he wants, but would rather give to his kids.
He loves the outdoors and loves to ride!