Overton Is awwesome..... go get some

Was at overton last weekend.

Big ring pace

Trail was riding fast

Definitely better on a 275. Kept over steering on the 26

I miss the fast flow of long Island trails. I also miss the fact if you miss your line… it doesnt send you over the bars Like the trails in florida. Be nie to see more Bridges, Ladders and A frames.

Overton has broken in nicely and rides like a big pump track…was there on Sunday with the boys. A 29er hardtail, 650b Am, and a 26 SS rigid…Big rings??? What are those? Should try out Hempstead Harbor, but your big ring might not make it…:joy:

  • Big Ring??? What are those? *

Exactly :biking_woman:

Limited time, Had to pack up the last of lorettos house for the second home WE purchased for her son. She is selling her house in NY. I maybe back again in march if I do I ill bring the spider.

BTW I ditched the little ring on the Spider along with the shifter and dearailluer. I Didn’t use it on Long Island and didn’t use it here. Knocked that much more weight off my already light bike. Only thing is I am finding a 38T front is still too small, keep running out of gears. I need at the least a 40 or 42. The 38 is OK for getting over stuff, a Teeny weenie ring would have me spinning like I am on a BMX bike, I see a lot of people doing that.

Speaking of which… I went bigger on the front of my Redline pro flight 24 with clipless… holy crap what a difference,.