Ordered Knobby Nics

Way Back I purchased Knobby Nics for my 26er, After 2 rides out on the Long Island trails I yanked them off and went to Rocket rons and then Racing Ralphs.
The Rons were good… but eventually went with Pythons. For me these were the best.
Low Cut knobs with minimal flex and around 500G per on the 26er
Well down this way I was looking for a lighter tire for the 29er
Current tire is 989grams… Insert heavy… Maxxis Aggressor
Just ordered Knobby Nics and I am hoping the higher knob will work in this type of soil.
Best Part 650 grams
338 savings per tire = less rotational weight
Total savings is about 1.49 lbs
26.2 less the weight savings from the Carbon seat, carbon post, all Ti Hardware and a lighter stem…
This should get me just under 24lbs.

Should be up On Long Island on the 9th or so to rip around with this bike to see how it is… Kind of stoked to hit the fast Trails on Long Island.

Wow 24lbs is crazy! I tend to stay away from Maxxis because of the weight.

The Maxxis are insanely heavy. This bike takes a lot of energy to spool up and you can feel the weight when flicking the bike around

Put on the new sneakers>
Big difference between the Knobby Nics and the Maxxis tires.
These actually work well down here.
On Long they sucked…
I can feel the rolling resitance… may get a Racing ralph or rocket ron for the rear