OMG! What a blast from the past

Rushed thru the day today to get to spin.
Finished up a bit later than I would prefer at work…so I got home and ripped my clothes off and hopped into my cycle gear…Yes Virginia, My Vision Jersey too!
Grabbed my keys and run out the door and hop into the sparty mobile.

Drove like…hmmmm…what was that song. Oh I got it “I cant drive 55” and BAM!
I was at the gym in no time.
Grabbed my old crusty worn out Sidi Doms and headed into spin.
Scan my key at the door and head to the spin room. I notice the door was dark, which means class is in session. I pop my head in and a big whoopsy. It was the 530 class stretching and I was looking for the 6:30 class. But wait, I look to my left and I couldnt believe my eyes…Johnny Romano of the RE stealth fame from vision way the hell back!
we start chatting and he said “Are you here for the 6:45 class”…I respond stating “thats right 645 and I rushed for nothing”
More chatting and exchanging stories and remember whens.
The door opens and all the 530 people exit and we head on in, up the stairs and I grab #25 as my usual and he said he always grabs #27…which was right next to me.
We start to warm up and chit chat about old times and all the riders we rode with. We talk about the vision charity ride at CP that was a pay for every lap you do (I did 7 laps that day and Bean did 6). Thinking to myself how I did 3 laps hammer down that day back to back with out letting off one bit doing insane lap times. Then The days of “Pirate tag” at CP which is when we let the slower riders go out first and the faster riders went out 10 mins later and had to catch the slower riders and how I let the faster riders go out at the 10 min mark and and I waited 5 additional minutes and caught and passed everyone including capt cranium.
All this was running thru my head then Johnny said to me “Man Vision days before climb, they were some of the best rides I was ever on”
I couldnt agree more…The Vision trip to Sprain, The “you will be dropped if you pop rides”…Easties/Westies was started here…and who can forget “Thong Thursdays” when Christine went ballistic (Sorry Chris)…and Best yet…the Vision Holiday parties at Endos house (RIP Roland)…which I still have pictures from. Vision was the cause/reason many couples had gotten together (Loretto and I…Mike and christine)…Oh and the best When Disco was calling everyone a “Choad” and I posted the definition and was suspended for 3 days… All the stories and memories from vision.

                        What great memories. 

All the pictures from the rides and all the riders that rode together…man, Steve3, Monkey Boy, Cory, Dmack, Chatty Patty, JackP, Super Fly, MTBchick, Robertrides3, Freddy…Oh man, all these riders…I have plenty of pics and should post them up.
WOW…Let me stop
Anyway, It was nice to hook up with Romano. We Exchanged Numbers and will be riding together this weekend. looking forward to it.

and thanks Vision for the great memories

I’ve run into him both times (the only two times…) I rode at Glacier Ridge. Nice guy with a sweet carbon ride.

Yes tim.

He told me.

I met a lot of quality people here. Did a lot of great rides.

Ah yes

Artie I think I met you here and you were here before me.