so lately I have been hitting ES after work. Today I got there around 645…changed my flat and on the trail at 7. I have always had this issue with not being able to see the trail at dusk. This goes back to my moto days and riding colony after work. Soon as the sun starts to set, my timing is off.

So as I rode and got to Hell hill… I couldnt carry the speed to the hill and dogged it up in the teeney weenie ring. cut my speed a lot. and basically snailed the last of the trail. I turned up the wick a little here and there, but I knew it was nothing but recipe for disaster.
I herd some one coming up on me and turned it up a bit…timing off… but there was not much left and it was all easy shit till the end. Got into the new stuff after crossing back over… flow was incredible and hammering I was… but just before exiting the new stuff I clipped a tree which created the pinball effect…was not good. Holy crap…My shoulder… My hands (yes both) and my right fore arm. Raspberries and swollen and the pain is setting in. I keep telling myself to suck it up

Lesson learned… go with the gut!

Sometimes the desire to ride overcomes the ability to do so. Stay safe out there.

I gotta admit, there was other factors. Brake Pads on the tracer…front…worn to almost metal, Back is worn, but not as bad…but the modulation was vague from sitting for almost 4 months (felt like a sponge). Been riding the Spider and it is dialed to the T, Handles way diffferent than the tracer… I had to acclimate meself to it… but like I said… the brakes…eeeek!

Thanks… For now on (at my age…55) I am listening to my gut.

yeah… my ribs, shoulder and arm still hurt… It was a good get off for sure… But I will be out there either friday or saturday.