Yesterday I took the OLD tracer to GR for a ride. I figured I would do a steady pace and attack the up hills. Kept the pace …well…civilized.
My trusty steed started to shift like dirtbike with a fouled plug and I just couldnt figure it out. After a quick loop (Civilized)… I got the bike home and Took apart the damn shifter cables and lubed them. Put it back together and the finally figured out the dilema. The Derailluer was loose and was flopping in the breeze.

Got it all figured out, put it back together, lubed the chain adjusted the brakes fro minimal dragged and it was ready for sundays ride.

I arrived at the trail sunday at my normal time unloaded the bike and prepped it for the ride. weather was cool with a good breeze. I hit the trail with a vengance…ceramic bearings in the bottom braket spun the cranks like there was no chain on the bike…wheels rolled like the wheels on my road bike…damn…this bike is fast!
Effortless up hills…turns like it is on rails…point and shoot! This bike was performing flawlessly… the pace I had up to “The ridges” was eye watering…but, my timing was off…off so much it was scaring me. It scared me so much I had to cut my lap short. It wasnt like I was hitting or rubbing against trees. I was close…too close for comfort.

Before this day I have been riding the Spider 275 mostly (Hence the reason my timing was off)…which is a tank compared to the tracer. Wheels are heavier which takes way more energy to get going. This Bike is much more sluggish in turns and the wider bars are…well too wide. I need to get lighter wheels, trim the bars and maybe I will be able to “turn”…close to the lap times I can on the tracer. I know at MVH I am about 7 mins slower on the spider…probably the same at GR.

IMHO…I am way faster on the Tracer than the spider…so much so that it scared the bejesus out of me.

Is the Tracer a 26er?

Ahhhhh… I did forget to mention that, Didnt I?

 Yes, The Intense is a 26er. 

It weighs in at 24lbs…
I run Hutch Pythons filled to 40lbs
Fork is Pumped to 75lbs
Fox Float Rear Shock Is at 210lbs
I use Motorcycle chain Lube on the drive train
Bars are trimmed to a conservative 23"

Pretty much its known I do not like to ride setauket.

But I went today and had a blast. Some of the spider trails that go around the tight turns where as you SQUEEZE between trees is a blessing. The Key point is I had ridden the tracer (26er) which spools up way faster and climbs like a mountain goat…turns like its on rails…and the suspension is spot …on…Good choice