Oh whoa is me.....this Blows

Today as my usual I sat and watched Joel Contemplating my ride. Today was MVH. After Joel I get up and switched into my riding gear…errrrr “KIT” (I just hate that my riding gear is called a kit…stooopid). Went out and loaded up my bike on…today the Vehicle of choice is the Pick up

Loaded up and headed east. I pull into MVH all ready to ride and…guess what…I forgot my Tire pump.
So sitting there with the flat on the front I waited for some person who is a little more organized than I who thought to bring a pump. I have 2 sitting back at home in the garage…which does me no good

So I am sitting there and I see 2 guys come rolling out and I stop them and say “Hey when you get back to your vehicle Can I borrow your tire pump”
They tell me that they rode there from one of their houses and had no gear. Then went on about Borrowing his wifes bike to ride, because he is a snow boarder and its a girls bike (which it was not, it was an old trek 7300)
Then the other guys takes a look at my bike and says “Wow look at that bike” (My Bike 2016 Intense Spider 275 with a fox 120mm fork, Full XTR 980 component package…with Carbon Levers, 175mm crankset, Carbon derailluer, 180mm XTR front brake mated to a 160 rear, Ritchey Carbon stem and Bars with FMF 909 Grips, Thompson Post with a Tioga Spider saddle, Bontrager Wheels with Kenda Honey Badger rubber)

“Yeah” I said… then he says “Doesnt matter how nice it is, sitting on that rack does you no good with that flat”
We Both Laughed…They Gave a gesture of Have a great day and headed on their way.

So what did I do

I headed Back out on the road in a westerly Direction…First thought was to go to RP and find someone with a pump and mooch some air. Day was getting late so I got off at exit 67 and started to head to CP. It was closer and I could get in a ride if I found someone kind enough to lend me a pump. This would give me enough time to get a quick lap in because its a short fast course.
I pulled in and head right to a couple of guys standing by a car Chatting.

“My Saviors…whats up guys…You got a tire pump I could use” I say as I get out of my car

The One guy responds “Tire looks flat, I have a pump and better yet its a floor pump, not one of those little ones”
He hands me a “Joe BLOW” pump and I proceed to pump that sucker up.

I am Finally out on the trail…BRAAAAAAP… CP was fast today, real fast. I had a blast.
What did I experience…well I can say No trees to weave thru and lots of turns. This bike is perfect for CP…I finish up in no time and load up and head out. I feel deprived I didnt get a ride in that was an hour or more…Oh did I say No time…What was my lap time…Ride with me and find out!

Ha, that’s some run-down of your riding day! I’ve been there where I forgot something important and had to pack it in… like riding shoes. Glad to hear someone came through for you.

Yesterday was just an awesome day to be out.

It didn’t matter I had to sit and wait enjoying the sunshine and warmth

Small world. Glad I could be of help. That was me and my buddy Anthony. Fun to shoot the shit about old mx bikes.

WOW, Talk about a small world.

Yeah I had a great time shooting the chit. Really Nice to meet up with you guys. I do appreciate the Help with the pump…Man that was a life saver!

Lets get together one day and ride. Can Chit chat more on the Days of Moto…

Hope you like my little tale of the day. I changed and added a few things to make it more interesting.