Oh I can not wait

A preview pic
2016 Intense Spider 275
XTR Dynasys 3x10 Drive train, XTR 980 Brakes (180 front and 160 rear), Bontrager Rhythm comp wheel set Thompson Post with a Tioga Spyder seat carbon bars and stem.

The bars have way too much sweep nd the stem flexes. They will be gone in a week or so…so will the tires

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Sweet ride, when did you pick that up?

Been building it up for a few months. Every time I start to build it something else popped up.

Took it out for the maiden voyage today

First thing I noticed is how well it rolls.
Takes a
Touch more effort to wind up but once it’s going !
Second thing I noticed
Is it turns pretty dated good. Little bit of a floppy feel but once leaned over it carves real sweet.
But… turning the handlebars to turn the bike made the steering feel sluggish.
Over all it felt real nimble compared to all the 29s I have ridden… man the people who bought into the 29s don’t know what they are missing
The tracer 26 is by far for me a better choice for long island

Other things that bothered
Bar bend I chose sux. I need a straight bend bar
Shifters need to be placed in a better position
I need to raise the seat a touch.

Other than that… the bike is what I expected and I like it.
Can I go faster…I don’t know.

What’s it weigh cause I bet you checked.

Yeah, its a tank. I did a comparison with my tracer just by picking them up . The tracer weighs in at about 24 1/2 lbs.
My speculation is 26-27 lbs

I need to put lighter rims and tires as well as more titanium

Presently The XTR brakes and shifters have carbon levers. I have some Ti on the bike… but need more.

Pre trip inspection for the maiden voyage

Came out real nice!! 26-27 lbs is not too bad for a well built fs. Considering weight weenies are pushing sub 22lb fs Xc bikes nowadays, maybe could go on diet. I’m sure the 3x10 drivetrain ain’t helping any and are you running tubes still? Can easily shave another 2-3 lbs off of it. Good luck with the new setup…and ride it like you built it!!

What’s size crank arm on that?

The crank Arms are 175mm

Thanx, My tires are heavy…real heavy (Wire bead). They were put on just to get the bike together.

Huh, I thought they looked longer than that and given your speed I thought at least 180.