Oh how sweet it is!

Today after my usual sunday morning ritual I went for a spin in the woods

Good stuff for sure

I hit Manorville for a spin in the snow.

Trail was sporadic with very wet snow covered trail switching to wet pine straw and packed snow. (which made for a slow ride). Thankfully the snow as just a little more than a coating then Hitting the packed snow lessened the rolling resistance, but was still slow. The wet snow accumulated on the tires which added weight and mass to the wheels, which made for a heavy pedal…then when it was wet pine straw it was like riding with the brakes on. But man oh man it was fun. A ton of it might I add.
the fresh air with the silence of the woods (less the squishing sound and the tinnitus i experience) was a pleasure today rather than the hustle and bustle of the cars on the road.

It is good to be the king!