Off island on the island

So I went to Overton with my friend Dave to check out the new cuts. We parked at the trail head on Mill Rd. Pretty nice job they did with it, no map yet at the kiosk. Trail was in good shape, just lots of branches and twigs from storm the other day. New cuts offered some cool mogul sections, log rolls, rock gardens, and half pipe roller. We even saw Hich blowing leaves on Turkey hill, talked to him for a bit, thanked him, and kept riding. I really love how Overton is a full body workout with many off island features. Now with added mileage just increases the challenge and fun. For an epic ride can link to Gr for almost 25 miles of singletrack…Note: folks with 3rd rings and still running tubes should be careful. There are some rock gardens and thorn patches thrown in the mix…Go get some!!!

Overton is a fun trail as long as your legs aren’t dead form GR