Of Course......FTF 2017

I check the climb forum from time to time. Been following the thread for the FTF .

As the person who started the FTF i am happy to see it has grown in some ways but saddened in others.
My Objecives were to create a board to not let one person run/direct things because from past experience of running leagues, Golf Outings and huge parties I felt it was draining for one person to conduct all the work. I see one person attempting to run it now and I know how fustrating it can be to please everyone.

Originally after the first one called “Spartyfest” my goal was to incorperate a race the same weekend which I did for the second as we piggy backed off the carl hart race. That was a huge disaster because of the lack of communication between climb and the race directors…which left hard feelings.

The 3rd year I had tried to convince climb to host a race on the same weekend, which almost happened…but the plug was pulled by…well…

Finally it looks as the 2017 FTF will piggy back off the Muddy tire 2017 race…that is great because this is what its all about…a weekend of Mountain Biking…Gelling the community…and not focusing on the growth of a club (that will happen after the community grows)

After racing the Chequamegon Fat tire forty and experiencing a FTF back 2004 I felt long island needed this. with the condensed population and the ratio of mountain bikers it couldnt fail!
Bring in sponsors, Live band, food…and open the flood gates…“If you build it they will come”

What also was part of the original intention was to open the opportunity to Road cycling as well as hiking clubs…second year was a success with Janine maning the hiking booth.

From what I can see though some things have changed. Hiking club and roadies excuded…some great sponsors…live music…and a race once again. But from what I can see is the person who is running it is doing it as a solo…which will burn him out.

I will be attending the race for sure…but the festival?

I thought they had a successful one last year but yeah, it’s a hard thing to put together for one person that’s for sure.

I was not there last year. Spartyfest was nothing more than a glorified climb picnic with a campout…it was ok…the Following year there was a record membership drive with close to 500 people…the BBQ I had brought was insane! The following year the attendance dwindled and the next was even less. I herd a lot of people labeling it the Flat tire Fest…but that is disrespectful to the hard work of all the people who vollied to make it happen.

It would be nice to see the focus turned to Gelling the community rather than a climb membership drive or “How much money did we raise” (which I herd that statement used). I figured that if the community grew…so would the memebership…strength comes in numbers…but what do I know…Im just “S partacus”

I was there last year and Mike did a great job putting it together. I usually go to catch up with old friends. There were lots of demos to try out. Although it seemed kinda empty…people wise. Sometimes it falls on big race weekends. I had helped out with beginner rides and intermediate rides in years past. I also helped out in past FTFs making the 1st ever skinny contest with my friend Jared’s help. The year after that did an even better adult skinny contest and added one for the kids. They loved it and there was a big turnout. Of course after my friends and I parted from that club no one stepped up to keep the skinny contest alive…what a shame!! And yes it is too much work for one person and Mike (Wottowa) did ask for someone to take over last year. No one stepped up, but yet people are ever so quick to complain about anything. It always shocked me that the folks who do the least expect the most…I fear what will become of the FTF if no one steps up to the plate. I been to many other bike festivals and they seem to grow and bring new blood to the scene. It’s about the biking community and not a glorified fund raiser.

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