Northwest woods tour

Spartytours will host a Tour of Northwest woods this weekend.

Thing that will be pointed out are
The Watering rock
Water well
Border tree
Van Scoy house
Old School house
and More.
Part of this trail Is the trail Stephen “Talkhouse” Pharaoh used to take on his trip to brooklyn

Many Have label this “THe Ghost trail”
It is Spooky where in spot I had gotten goose bumps and picked up really bad vibes

Lets choose a day and do it…

This trail is probably the only trail on Long Island I haven’t ridden yet. I’ve heard it’s very sandy in certain spots. Will knock it out soon on the fatty. Priorities this weekend is closing out the Dh season at Mountain Creek. We rented a cabin and are shredding hard for the last hoorah!! Tim… will definitely take pics and video to post up…NBC out!!

We are good for tomorrow. Meet at the trail head on RT114 in sag at 11am

I wish I could go; have fun and don’t forget some images!

So how was the ride? The weather was great today for it.

The ride was incredible. It was a slow, easy pace that should have taken 2 hours…but took 4

Christine was the only brave sole to join me. She is strong but we chatted the whole ride…and stopped for Photo’s. Trail was fast, fun and very scenic. Not to mention the history of the area…and the Ghost trail

Very cool pics and the day looked perfect!! I’ve ridden with Christine before…yes she is pretty strong. I remember when she met us at Lippman Park and rented a fs 29er. She had never ridden big wheels or ridden Am before…and she did great!! So how long is the whole loop…I’ve heard 12-14 miles. Can’t wait to ride this place…