New wheels and shock brings me down to 25.2 lbs

So I tossed on a Rockshox Monarch RT3 and some new/used Stan’s ZTR Arch Ex wheels. Bike now weighs 25.2 with the dropper. I could go full weight-weenie and toss some Ti pedals and other crap on it but this is where it starts getting expensive so probably not.

The Conti’s were a bitch to get on the wheels! Full bike pics soon.

stans are light!!!
I have a few sets of them.

What type of hubs are using

25.2 is kicking!!!

Stan’s 3.30 - loud clicker I’ll tell you that.

Bike looks awesome!
25.2 not bad at all
Heck I thought you gave up riding

My latest ride

Kids are getting older so now we have more time without them.

No dropper needed in FL?

Ash has her own thing going now. Her husband takes care of her!
At the Father daughter dance I wispered in her ear… You’re off the payroll!

Plus, Seriously Tim I went thru a lot. Most people would have folded if they were in my shoes… it was hard to find time with a clear head.

Now that I am Down this way, life has been incredible…All I do is ride!

Yeah, no dropper. I ditched the dropper, seat, and a few other things.
Next is the tires… I can save 250 grams a tire!
These are pushing 900+ Grams!