New Trail markings in Bethpage

Did a ride from my friend’s house up to Bethpage , hit the newly marked trails and rode back. Rode pretty much all of it except full red and orange. Some sections I had never ridden before and were fun. It’s about time that mess got organized…now we just need a map…lol. We got about 25 miles in…note there is a major golf event and Bethpage is closed till the afternoon.

I haven’t been in over a decade.

Try the new yellow trail.

The orange is fantastic,red incorporates a lot of new cut trail,pink is great too… I like doing pink to yellow to purple(pecks path) back to yellow to it’s end

Why colors instead of names?

I like pecks path…good name…good section

Because it’s blazed with colors,pecks path is purple and they made pecks route that he did they the brickyard a tiiel color,and it’s awesome

And they’re still adding trails two more in the last two weeks

Thats good
I am hoping its all directional…that would make it even better. I have lots of memories Of riding BP/SW from back in the day. We used to log at the least 40 miles on a saturday then another 40 on sunday. What made it so good was after we finished we headed out to RP and rode the “11.75” loop there. This was before the additions…Billy, God I am getting old!

It’s definitely not your fathers bethpage anymore,even tho the trails are basically point a to point b type of trails,where one ends a new one begins, so you get a nice flow and features are being added… It’s now a trail that is worth traveling to,to ride,

OK, which is a good one for my 8 yo to learn trail riding? He’s a noob at this point.

They are all pretty easy except for Brickyard and the blue is kinda soft with wood chips in spots. The pink red dot has some moguls so maybe avoid that section. The rest should be doable by your son.

Pink is the easiest,doesn’t really have any trail features and only a couple of climbs… My sons 9 yro had no problem and he’s not a rider

Great, I’m going to get him out there!

I agree everything but the brickyard is beginner friendly at Bethpage.

Went last Sunday with my friend Dave and got in 15 miles…trail has broken in nicely and someone as been adding features…which is awesome!!
Some of the newer stuff…
A frames…

Dave cleaning it…

More skinny action…

Log rolls…

I like that nice little bink over the logs.