New to GR in the ridges

Hit up GR the other day
In “The Ridges” there is a new section…errrrr… new “Feature”. What is it…I will do my best to describe it.

The old way was a left handed turn that led to nice drop down into a bottom of a ravine. The Drop was basically a root that grew across the trail that created a nice techy little drop off before a right handed turn on top of the opposite side of the ravine (Which most called a half pipe)

The new way cuts the drop by making a left handed turn before the the old left handed turn that led to the drop. This cuts out the techy little drop with a typical… nice flowing half pipe.

The questions
Does it make this section better?
Well…it flows real nice, but it makes this section of trail easier. I never Had an issue with flow here. This section I always hit at an insane speed which made it almost impossible to keep my wheels on the ground in the following right handed turn. I never had an issue with the original way.

Why the change?
I have herd many people went over the bars here…and bit it hard.

Do I like it?
For me, Its a lot easier. Its not gunna make me stop riding GR. It wont shave time off my lap and if it does it will only be a second or 2.

Do others like it?
From what I have read, most like the flow.

So a big shout out to hich for taking care of GR. I do appreciate the time and effort…Thank You