New tire, new wobble :(

I’ve been riding with some Terrene Chunk Lights and they have been great. Good weight and a nice roll. Problem is the rear is not very good on loose - you know, Stillwell climbs. So I decided to try another tire that has more paddle qualities to grab better than it sheds. I went with a WTB Trail Boss. Went from 2.3 to 2.4 which will help and the tread just looks better for grabbing hills.

The Chunk came off easily enough and after cleaning I started putting on the WTB. Wow, what a bitch! The steel bead and the Stan’s wheel just did not like each other. This tire was so damn tight I had to fight with it to get the second side on. I mean fight! My hands are still sore the next day. After getting it, seating the beads and adding sealant - there is a wobble. The wheel is true, the tire is not. So its only in one spot but it’s sort of pronounced. Bead is seated, same line all the way around.

I’m going to let it sit overpressured and see if it evens out over the next day or so. I’ll probably air down and massage that spot then air up again if it’s still wobbly. If that doesn’t work I’ll try to ride it out. If that doesn’t work I’m getting a new tire but sure as hell am not getting a WTB with this ridiculous bead. I want a tight fit but I shouldn’t have to work that hard to get it on.

Update! I took it off, cleaned up the rim and reset the bead. Less wobble now! Still a little wobble which sucks but apparently they just don’t make tires as good as they used to.

Is the Tire a UST and Rim not?