New SID fork for the carbon

Check out the new black SID fork on the carbon Chiner. Raised the bars by about 2 inches so I’m not so forward on them. This should ease the pressure on my hands and wrists and give me better balance on the bike.

Looks real nice Tim…you might want to shorten your stem…looks longish. Most newer bikes are designed to be run with shorter stems and wider bars. Kinda the reverse of old standards. I run 50-75mm stems depending on the bike and 27-30" bars. Steering is way less twitchy and way more leverage and control.

I might give a shorter stem a try but want to give this a couple of rides first. I have been running 110mm stems for a loooong time now.


Looks great
Yeah I run a 100mm stem. Great combination that gets me over the front so the bike turns without losing traction far enough back so there isnt a lot of weight on my hands
any shorter and I know the front end would be pushing in corners and wandering around on fast straights…unless your gunna huck it…then shorter is the way to go