New saddle shaves off almost 1/2lb

Ha, well I was right about that old WTB saddle, it was a beast. The new WTB saddle (Rocket Team with Ti rails) saves me 208 grams or .46 lbs. Yeah it’s a splurge kind of seat but the last one lasted me over 10 years so it’s really a long-term investment.

Sweet, that means I’m under 30 lbs now! Yes, I’m a weight-weenie now too.

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who would of thought!

Seats are even lighter than that…the spyder is around 130…thats insane!

Lets talk weight weenie…Ti bolts, Carbon fiber rear derailluer…spyder seat…2.0 tires
24.5 lbs FS bike
The new one is gunna be close…real close

Wow, 130! But is it comfortable or do you have buns of steel?

I will soon find out.

I want this bike to be crazy light. It will be loaded up with Ti and other goodies.