New Bethpage Map

Here’s a thumbnail of the map but for the full view head on over to the LI Greenbelt Org’s Facebook page:

Great job on the map, thanks!

Yes a very well executed map and not done by Climb…what a surprise. It is missing 3 subsections. A Red dot pink off of the Pink, a Blue dot yellow and Orange dot yellow both off Yellow.

Don’t be a hater all the time :slight_smile: I think they will update it again because they are still adding trails.

Not hating by any means…lol. When a organization doesn’t update trail maps for years, still has hand drawn maps, and maps which are black and white you can’t exactly give praise. Credit has to be given to the LIGreenbeltorg…well done…thanks!

Yo…Thanx for posting up Tim

Thinking I may want to try this stuff out