New and improved

My friend Tom and his gf were camping there this weekend. He invited me to come out…which I did. He was at 5 so we started there. Did Deer Path and continued onto Boundary line. Got to ride Boundary line extension and Beyond the Boundary…both great sections with a great flowy feel. It added 3 miles to the old 10 mile trail which is substantial. Good job to those involved in the project. Be careful of any grown in areas…the tics are out!!

yeah, sorry, i lost interest about halfway thru the new section. The added miles is great… I see lots of effort was put in…
I just didnt feel the flow… Maybe i missed something.

Ticks… I pulled only one off…they didnt have time to attach to me.

I haven’t been to Cathedral in years, first “real” trail I ever rode on though. I’ll have to try to make it out there soon.

Maybe when it wears in…maybe it will be better…but the added miles are a welcome addition…Give it a whirl…but be on your toes…its a bit confusing