New additions for the Moto Missle

In an effort to bring the weight of my Tank Down I have been searching for ways… I have not had it on a scale, but from the feel it is in at a heavy 26-27 lbs.

I went into my new shop (twin forks in Riverhead) a couple of weeks ago and was talking to Nick and Joe, Joe I have know for over 20 years and have to say his skill and Knowledge base is unsurpassed. So I ask Nick and Joe what Can I do to the spider to get it down. They Took a look at the bike and paused…Nick proceeds to say “maybe if you stopped going to McDonalds after a ride you wouldn’t have to worry”…we all got a good laugh while Pondering.

I then said “C’mon guys, lets be serious” I was thinking Ti Spokes with aluminum Nipples. So I asked Joe if he could lace up the spokes for me. He said no problem but the Nipples would eventually seize up and round off …True
I was also thinking Envy rims with King Hubs…but those are insane in price!

We search for Lighter tires on the net that would suite my riding style. presently I am using Honey Badgers with tubes, but they are wire beaded. we looked at Folding beads and they are heavier…so that was ditched. He suggested schwalbes and…well… I gave him the story of my experience with those tires (They dont work for me)
I told them I would do research on tire and heave them order the tires

We Talked about Aluminum rotors. Joe recommended to steer clear of these expensive and delicate items

Back to the objective…Lighten my tank
So what did we do?
I ordered a Cobalt Front axle and harded aluminum rotor bolts in red.
Everything arrived on friday and I picked them up today. The axle is sweet and if I were to guess half the weight. The rotor Bolts…One steel bolt weighs as much as all 6 aluminum…OMG!

Next I will be replacing every steel bolt with Ti. I know these are only small additions, but they are worth their weight…Ha ha I made a funny!
and its a start to lean

Carbon rotors maybe?

Have not thought about that yet.

The Bolts add a little color. Rotor bolts are red and and Cobalt is Orange