Need 1x crank with bb

Building an older 26" ht for my girlfriend for Xmas. Getting some 1x10 parts from friend Brian but would like to install a better crank. Doesn’t have to be new just in good shape. Would prefer a Race face or Shimano but Sram or something similar is fine. Does need to include external bb. And will not pay more than 60 bucks…what do you have??

i got nothing sitting around right now, sorry.

No worries just ordered one on Ebay for 58 bucks shipped with narrow wide chainring and external bb. Gonna try and finish up the brakes today and swap the stem…I’ll post a pic when the project is completed with final weight.

How’s it looking? I’ve been throwing around the idea of putting the Marin together for my 9yo because he’s too big for the 20" Canondale now.

So far so good…waiting on crank and bb to come in. Brakes were finished this past weekend. Also ordered some nice platform pedals and nice grips from Bike Junkie both in orange…only thing left is rest of drivetrain which I’ll have when my friend ships it…And yes Tim definitely rebuild the old Marin. It’s kind of nostalgic and pretty cool to have your son on your old rig!!

1x10 drivetrain is coming in shortly…Slx shifter, Xt der with clutch, Kmc chain, and 11-36 Slx cassette. Can always upgrade her cassette to 11-42 in the future if she starts going off island with me but I don’t even run those gears. Oh and some fresh Jagwire cable in orange to finish off the drivetrain!!! Found some 2.1 Nobby Nics I had laying around that will have her rolling nice.

Drivetrain came in. Stopped by Bike Junkie yesterday to pick up pedals, grips, Jagwire housing, and some women’s Fox Dirtpaw gloves…Doug even donated some older carbon fiber Easton Monkey lite bars to the build. Super nice of him to do so…It’s coming along very nicely!!! Oh forgot to mention it’s a Marin Bolinas Ridge…

Share some bike porn, let’s see the pictures.

Here are some pics Tim…had to drop photobucket…I ain’t paying 400 a year…lmao…

Just missing bb, crank, chain, housing, and water cage. Have to swap the tires as well…

Looks great, I bet that thing doesn’t weigh much.

Thanks Tim…prob be around 27.5 lbs said and done with pedals and water cage…could drop some weight in future going tubeless and upgrading her fork. She’s been riding on my Djer which is 24 lbs with 1x9 and 1 brake…but then again I’ve never been a weight weenie and never will be. I’ll leave that to the Old folks…lol.

Ha, being old is a privilege!

A pic of the complete bike…my girlfriend took the pic so drivetrain is opposite…lol. Will be upgrading her fork to air/oil and adding a disc brake in the future.

Sweet, nice looking ride!