My new 27.5 ride

Yep, China frame and assorted parts. I’ll detail later. Right now 32lbs on the nose with the Lezyne cage. I’ll let you know if the weight was worth it.

OK, here’s the loadout:

Himalo boost frame
Stan’s Flow S2 wheels
Terrene Chunk Lite 2.3 tires
SRAM drivetrain with GX AXS kit
OneUp dropper V2
Shimano XT M8000 brakes with 160mm rotors
OneUp carbon bar
Rockshox Yari fork 170mm travel
Rockshox Deluxe Select Mountain Bike Debon Air 150mm travel
WTB Rocket Team 142 saddle


How does it ride?

The ride is amazingly plush but with that much travel it should be. The switch from 26 to 27.5 is probably helping because I’m rolling over some things that would have bumped before. The cornering is still a little weird but I’ll get used to that. Climbing was fine, there was some spin but Stillwell is very rocky and dry right now so it’s to be expected. The dropper is great too, not as smooth as the old 9point8 but it’s also quite a bit cheaper which is nice.

I can’t say I’ve noticed the weight and I appreciate the lack of pedal strikes now.

So you went boost?
and its a Chyna frame.

I have 2 boost now, a 275 spider and a 29 sniper. Wheels seem to be stiffer.

Disassembled a 275 Spider that had a broken frame. Thinking about building up a chyna bike. also just put a ton of stuff on ebay for sale. I will see what I have left over.

Thanks for the feed back on the bike… how much and did it come with a shock?

they 275 is definately a slower turner than the 26. the 26 feels razor sharp compared to a 275… forget the 29… its way slower!

Frame was $365 without shock. It’s listed at a ton of places at all different prices but the ebay listing was one of the cheapest and it arrived in a week.

The rear shock is fine, I mean it was just $139. But… it’s just fine, nothing special and feels “off.” So, got a deal on a Marzocchi Bomber Air that should be infinitely better. Now I have the RockShox as a back-up when the Marzocchi needs to be serviced. Win-win.

Debating building a Chyna bike just for shits and giggles.
I have everything I need… but I also have a intense spider 275 aluminum frame sitting as well.
Maybe build it back up again… but I am thinking carbon.
What length shock do they recommend for the chyna bike?

This frame is 210x55 for the rear.