Muddy Tire 2019

Is anyone racing here?? I know there’s always chatter from certain individuals but never any action…anyways I’ll be racing on Saturday at Cathedral Pines Park. Weather looks good and bike is ready!!

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I never chatter about speed as I don’t have much of it anymore. I did have fun at some of those events but was never serious about the place I finished… All fun times and great people! Sounds like a nice day and enjoy the race!

Definitely about having fun!!! I really don’t race much cause I ride for fun mostly!!! But once in awhile is cool…weather looks cool…some rain tomorrow should help the trail out…

sounds like a cheap dig to me…what cha racing beginner?

Got a free entry so I’m racing…I dig with shovels…I’ll be on the podium…:sunglasses:

good for you!

as always …damn your the best… but you don’t hear no chatter from me and I didn’t stir the pot. Your original post was directed at me and you should of had the balls to mention my name. PFFFFT… I have ridden with you and I know what you can do.

enjoy YOUR race (insert trophy stealer) at YOUR fat Tire fest …selling YOUR line of clothes at YOUR booth … once again kenny…YOUR the best…and thank you for letting me take the flak for you putting up that sign (If your gunna remove a stump) at GR that almost got the shit kicked out of nick…did you ever take credit for that

Begginer for life…rock on!

Tell ya what. I will take credit for starting the Fat tire fest… CLIMB wanted to keep calling it spartyfest, but unlike you… i didnt want to have any recognition and have it tied to me… so I changed it too FTF. Dig with a shovel…pffft…for years I trimmed RP after hitch wasnt the steward… up until 2 or 3 years ago… didnt see me post any pics…did you?

Im 56 YO and you are a snotty little… with no respect.

from your original post “chatter from certain individuals, but never any action” you got the response you were looking for. Hope YOU"RE happy now


you want a trophy… ill give you one… I have more than enough dust collectors


Not sure what your ranting about…I never put up any sign up at Glacier Ridge…so why would I take credit. Accusations without proof are just shit talking Jimmy!!! I’d call you Cat 1 for life but never seen you at a local race strange enough…I’ve also ridden with you years ago…I’ve gotten way stronger can you say the same?? And thanks for noticing…:wink: Back to your dark corner…

Ha ha ha… awesome come back mr witty…

Your great… !

Never put up a sign?!?!?!

Somebody Had showed me pictures the day… errrr night it was put up. Kind of funny i vaguely remember seeing you in pics… tisk tisk.

But… what else would I expect.

Live up to it or be known as a liar

Just remember one thing Bucko… you picked a argument with me with your original post…

It was YOU… hit and run then play innocent.

Obviously your corner is dark being you felt the need to draw me in… you want to stand toe to toe with me… I dare you motor mouth

Nice job guys… Keep the entertainment up!


There is always a shit stirer in every bunch… we have kenny

You know I was thinking to myself, self, there hasn’t been any drama in a few months… Problem solved!

Fellas, ride your bikes, have fun. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me. You get the idea. Move along.


Tim… i am laughing… sticks and stones… thats great

Totally forgot to post this pics up…Race was good and competition was fierce!!!

Kit of the day…could never get into the spandex…kinda wierd honestly.

Weapon of choice…650b killer…Rambo.

Front view…

Finish line…

My group getting ready to Race…

Buddy Mike took 2nd place…

1st place bling…

The future of mtb is bright…

Racing and hanging with friends…best part!!

Team win with matching bike!!!

Single speed clan…

Cat 1 monsters…and a rare 2nd for Mr. Sanchez…

Starting gate…

Looking good…

Always finish a race in style…

Team Dynamic x Til We Dye…never stop!!!

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Looks like a great day!!!

The weather seemed good that day.

Cat1 had some serious competition… but as usual galetta pulled thru. Wouldnt expect less with his flawless technique he has always had.

Checked out all the finishes and pretty much… as I expected with the results. Some strong riders took the top spots.