MTK ride-N-que coming soon

Coming soon
I will be posting a Ride/BYOBBQ for Hitherwoods out in MTK soon. This will probably take place before memorial day.

Sweet, I’ll make sure you have some stickers!

Awesome…Thank you!!!

I usually do that ride bout twice a year…really nice views. Start from the Walking Dunes and ride till we’re close to Fort Pond then take road back. Serpeant’s Back is pretty good. Have yet to mess around with trails around the Overlook.
General tips are

  1. Bring a bike kit(spare tubes, chain link, hanger, etc…).
  2. Run wider tires if you have them. Trail is full of debris at times and very sandy. I usually ride my fatty to get the best ride there.
  3. Ride those trails early spring or late fall…full of ticks and trails won’t be as sandy!!