MTB: Exercise or Active Hobby?

I know I could lose a couple lbs and was thinking about how I view mountain biking. At its core I see it as an outdoor hobby that allows me to get in touch with nature and also have fun. I also see riding as a way to exercise. The problem with the latter is that riding once per week is not really going to make a huge dent on your fitness past a certain level.

What about you, do you use mountain biking as your primary exercise vehicle or does it fall into the active hobby category?

Both… It’s a healthy hobby… Because of my background in exercise science and sport nutrition… And being a CPT,I know how to maximize my ride if I’m looking to make it a workout,but most times I do it to be out among nature,and to enjoy the spirit of the earth

Great Question

Active hobby…No

I consider cycling a passion. The Thrill of fast technical sections, Determination of climbing a hill, Adrenaline rush of of a down hill, Thoughts of the power generated all while maintaining rhythm…flow…timing…balance.
This is a Life style that defines who I am…who I was and who I want to be. The comradery, sharing a common interest with people of the same.

The moments of being in the woods (or on the road…or the BMX track) being one with the outdoors helps maintain a mental balance that lets me know no matter what happened today or yesterday…everything is nothing compared to the moments on the bike. I am free to choose where I will ride or when or how long or how fast. The only person I need to impress…is me. I dont dress the part or look the part, But I am a cyclist and I dont care.

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Would caterogoize it as hobby simply because… Like a hobby,we invest time AND money… Like we would with a “normal” hobby

The reason I do not view Mountain biking as a hobby is because I Push my physical limits. I do not par take in MTBing for a Leisure ride.

For me its a physical activity which separates it from a hobby.

Wow dude nicely said.

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