MIPS beats WaveCel in latest testing

Virginia Tech released the latest helmet rankings and WaveCel does not come out on top: Bicycle Helmet Ratings

There is only one Person I know of who died from a Head injury in a cycle crash. That was back in 96 at the 5 Borough ride. He went head first into a parked car while traveling at Ludicrous speed down hill… RIP Kim.

A head injury that will do damage to the skull or brains from impact in many cases will cause damage to the neck. In that case… I would speculate …the rider is fucked.

Most helmets are trash after the first head impact…does anyone replace helmet after a crash?

I did after one crash. Granted the helmet was cracked a little but it’s what you’re supposed to do.

For the most part, any reputable helmet will do. Take a hit to the mug hard enough it will Jar the old Noggin!! things to ponder!