Manorville hills today

So today I woke up and was debating road or mtb ride. Checked Sbra forum and saw nothing I was interested in. Didn’t feel like doing a short ride on a road bike. So I decided to do a mtb ride and the question was where. Shoreham? Or mvh? Or GR?
I LOADED UP THE HARDTAIL and headed to the LIE in an easterly direction.
I found myself at MVH. Went in and set a comfortable pace on a dry trail but the rain washed all the pine straw into little piles which rattled my fillings loose.
Felt awesome with a completed lap time of 1:05ish. What was weird was the fact I was well off the gas down hills and being conservative but motored up the hills like nobodies business. Played it conservative in the corners as well.

Needless to say it felt great… now go get yours…ride like the wind ‪#‎ridetheisland‬

Hopefully I’ll be able to squirrel away some time and get a ride in this week.

Go Get some…Picking is good right now!