Making the best out of a bad situation

Sunday I decided to ride with two of my friends. We decided to ride from my house to Glacier 8 using the Greenbelt. We got to Glacier 8 and did some of my favorite sections. At that point it was starting to get dark. My friend Alesio had a night light but we didn’t. I wanted to take the trails back but my other friend Dave was weary. So we took the trail back to BJs. As soon as we get on the road, Dave’s chain breaks. It was only one link but no one had a quick link. We tend to ride light on the island… different story off island. He says guess we’re gonna have to walk back to your house. I immediately replied not gonna happen. I say once we get on top of the parkway use the downhill and coast. My friend Dave says then what?? I reply then we’ll push you the rest of the way. It ended up working well and my friend Dave was impressed. Staying calm during a stressful situation always helps to think clearer.