Lusting over these wheels

Wow, I’m really digging these. If price wasn’t an issue I’d pick some up but alas, price will always be an issue :frowning:

I have seen these on Jeffs bike. I am up in the air with those. They Look Nice but question the rigidness of them… I wonder how much they would flex while turning and under hard braking and acceleration would the spokes pop at the hub. I am fat, brake hard and put a lot of force on the wheels while turning. I can feel every ounce of flex in my bikes…hell my fork flexes under hard braking!
The carbon Hart tail has some flex under hard cornering which comprises the accuracy.

This is why I run an aluminum road bike with carbon stays. The carbon road bikes I have ridden rode smooth as silk straight but out of the saddle accelerating flexed too much for me.

So For rims Presently I am running stans and cane creeks with great results. Purchase Rhythms for the 27.5.

would I purchase the CB’s?
For coolness factor the look incredible !