Loop around Rocky Point

Saturday I did a loop around RP

Just a heads up

Rocky Is in need of some serious Trimming. Way over grown with a lot of High Grass.

Many sections felt I was in a boxing match bobing and weaving avoiding face slapper

Make sure when riding proper caution is used with Protection for TICKS

seriously… I have not seen it this bad since Bill Left and that other guy took over as as steward

did a lot of trail maintenance at Rocky Point last year with my best friend Mike. sadly he’s left us. Looking for people to ride with after work and on the weekend. I haven’t rode since last year so i’m probably a bit lame. Hoping to get to the trail this weekend if the weather’s nice

Man it really sucks to see trails unmaintained. I rode Edgewood on Friday before going up to Round top and it was very overgrown. My arms got cut up, low branches everywhere…really ruins the flow and fun factor. Some trails are fortunate to have really good trail stewards, others not so much…Hey KillerB sorry to hear about your loss…they should name a section after him on a trail you guys rode often. And you should definitely get back on the trails…

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Yo Brett!
Welcome back…and sorry to hear about your bud.

6317085015… Hit me up

also FB me on LIMBA

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Instead of complaining you could go with a pair of clippers and volunteer some of your time to help maintain the trails you like riding. Over 100 total man hours were put into Edgewood after the northeasters. Have a nice day.

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Welcome to the forum Rockout…and I for 1 vote with my shovel…I put endless amounts of hours to maintain trails…Glacier 8 being the principle one…but I do help out with others. I was just stating a fact and certain trails are harder to maintain than others.

RP is Massive, and difficult to maintain. Especially now.
If everyone isn’t willing to put in their time, be prepared to ride an overgrown trail. Its that simple.
There are guys out today doing Trail work instead of riding.

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Nobody here knows my history other than a few. Rockout or Boken… I have been trimming the trail for quite a few years… 100hrs…I myself have over 1oo hrs of trimming RP… Last year and this year I did not pick up a trimmer. I have put countless hours into trimming RP. I have cut myself hurt myself and put myself to exhaustion. The reference is not the current steward. I have respect fo Greg…which I did receive a thank you from (as well as loretto who has worked real hard as well)…To be clear My reference was the prior steward…
I stopped because of lack of respect I have received from the community…and apparently it hasn’t changed…but Its easy, an apology for what they did to me and I am back in the game trimming…its that simple… My Line of communication is open as it always has been… 6317085015

I made a suggestion last week and…well…it was viewed as an attack with an attack in return.

We all ride the trails… I voted with my shovel…I did the work and was black listed…simple as that.

and to be clear, My buddy who helped organize the RP race… I offered my help to trim the trail months before the race. He said to me quote “Dont say anything to anybody because we know how they feel about you”

He said he will keep me informed…and well never herd from him again…so…everything I say is “An attack” in their eyes

I am OK with that… I ride where I want…when I want…as fast or slow…and I am ok with it

Spartacus, You know who I am and I know who you are. My comment was not an attack on you. I have no issues with any MTBER. Well 1 but its not you.It was a general statement that if we don’t ALL chip in a little bit, and work together as adults, we will be on over grown trails. Unfortunately Im out this year, can’t do anything physical till September. But like last year Ill be in there for 2 weeks alone doing what needs to be done. The Stewart and DEC know my plans. Enjoy the season, trim a little, this is a fun activity. Now get out and take some KOMS. : ) because I can’t defend mine. LOL.

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I appreciate it Broken. I agree, We all need to chip in. I still do at many trails.

This whole thread caused a lot of static. The original Post i put up was inspired by another MTBER who came to me in the lot at RP after that loop. A good rider who was also concerned about the over growth, who wanted to trim, but was affraid to trim. His fear was upsetting CLIMB and the stewards (what I suggested and know is irrelevant ).

The original post was more of a warning with a side comment about how bad the tail was for about a year (when another steward was incharge for a short time…which I mention no names because I was threatened years ago with a suit of being “Libel”… So no names were mentioned). THE TRAIL HAS BEEN IN GREAT SHAPE SINCE HE WAS REPLACED until now. The post was not attacking …and when I give praise to a trail in many of my posts… how come NOBODY acknowledges that! The thing I take into consideration is everyone who is part of the community has an opinion that matters. If we speak up with Praise and criticism things get done and make it better for everybody. Our trails have to be good for EVERYONE and not just a select few…that is ADVOCACY ! To Hide things and whisper about them behind peoples backs does nothing for anybody. I was an “Assistant Steward” officially at one time. I know when the trail should be trimmed and how many times during the year.

This thread caused another forum to basically trash me.

and I reiterate, I have always been there to help, but the lack of respect I have received, I backed out. It wasnt because of the riders which saw me out there. Most thanked us (Loretto and I) and gave praise. It was other reasons.

I posted on the climb forum (which contributed to me being banned) many years ago an informal gathering for the stewads to get together so we could discuss proper technique for trail maintenance. Most of the stewards I considered friends at that time, so it would have been cool to hang with freinds and talk shop…but I was ripped apart by the BOARD via PMs and emails for going over their heads and arrange a gathering of friends… I was gung ho and wanted to get things done.

Well anywho, Feel better brotha and heal quick, and you go get more KOMs

Politics suck, although I understand why they want to know/authorize who is trimming because they are responsible for the relationship with the land owners. They are also probably worried about folks cutting new trails which is also understandable. If it’s just trimming, that should be encouraged. Wear your pack with some snips and if you run into anything nuts, give it a little trim then keep riding. That should be the common sense rule right?

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100% correct Tim

The people I talk to just want to trim…they tred lightly…as I have

Anyone can trim back a climb maintained trail. No permission is necessary.

CORRECT… What it comes down too is… as long as a person has a DEC permit, they can trim or maintain the trail… absolutely NO added features can be added… no go arounds or short cuts and no adding of anything.

RP is a cooperative effort with climb and the DEC.
With the DEC owning the property. Climb adobted the trail

DEC would like us to let the head ranger know when we will be in there trimming. Anytime I access the property its done so after its cleared by the ranger. Great guy easy to communicate with. I just let him know Im in there as to avoid any issues.

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Thank you for trimming. We always gave a heads up. Mike Burkeholder used to awesome to deal with and so is Brian.