Look at what came today

Look at what arrived today

Nice looking ride, 26?


nope… 27.5 Been riding a 27.5 for a couple of years. time to try out a carbon version.

Good looking greenie! Something new is in the air!

thanks man… Look at that sweet ride you have… Nice

Thanks, 27.5+ is all new to me but I can mount up my 29er wheelset as an option. One ride so far up in Oswego on relatively groomed singletrack. The new Geo is a bit odd feeling so forward but I’ll give it some time before making adjustments. Seems like a fun bike so far.

i rode a couple of 29ers, they dont suit my riding style of cut and thrust. I am sure in the right conditions, they are good. As a matter or fact, the 26er dices and slices corners like a Ginsu Knife. I am actually faster on some trails on the 26 then the 275…kind of odd… but the 275 rolls over obstacles a bit better such as root, rocks and logs

How do the bigger sizes climb? I’m not ready for a new ride yet but if I was, thinking 27.5.

This wheel size debate is neverending… Everyone has their own preference. Sparty likes his little wheels and I do too but the bigger 29er is my choice. To answer your question, bigger wheels climb better for me. I just picked up a 27.5+ hardtail but with one ride on it so far it’s hard to say if I like it better than my 29ers. My main bike for the past year was a 29/27.5 full suspension 140/165mm of travel… Unconventional, yes sir but it is a great bike for stability, go anywhere and definitely overbooked for local trails. Go out and try different builds and your welcome to pedal any of my bikes!

I own all wheel sizes except 29 + and 650b is my favorite…best mix of grip and playfulness. Unless your over 6’ 2" then I’d say 29er…I’m looking to retire my faithful 26" Dh bike next year…prob get a 650b GT Force X…enduro style!

Tim, I know with my 27.5, it takes a little more energy to spool up. once going its a nice ride. 29er doesnt turn like a 27.5 or a 26… then again… nothing turns like a 26 in the tight switchbacks. But our trail are evolving. turns are getting pushed outwards and with the wider bar selection, they are getting wider.

once my intense is built up you are welcome to try it. I also have a scott HT 27.5 your welcome to try out.