Knee pads, what are you wearing?

So my Fox Launch Pro knee pads are great, they stay in place and keep me from getting damaged… but they sweat like hell.

I’ve been spying these as a potential replacement:

Are you guys wearing any, and if so which and why?

Been wearing Gforms forever…very comfortable and breathable…have a compression like material than pad for knee protection…coming out with new version soon. They are snuggy and run small IMO but check thier sizing chart…I love them…have them on most pics…lol.

nope, Never used any. More so, riding on Long Island really doesn’t require anything… Then again…sometimes when Bombing a down hill… I think twice

Ha, I’m not surprised you don’t wear them because you’re old-school. After a nasty spill at Stillwell I’ve conceded to the fact that I should probably wear them because better safe than sorry.

I like the Fox pads, they’ve served me well - they just get hot in summer. There are some nice pads out there that have adjustable fit and ventilation… but they don’t sell them in the US - Euro only. If the family goes to Europe this year, I’m going to search them out.

Funny… Stilly Knocked me silly… Once hit the Deck so hard there that it knocked me silly. Black eye… blood dripping… bruised to hell. Holy crap did it sting… Yeah it was a hammer lap…yeah I got back up and finished at a blistering pace. I got a photo somewhere (I did a selfie)… Damn… I have a nasty scare on my wrist. Its a gentle reminder that crashing sux

Yup, I’m getting older and the “blistering” pace is no longer my main objective and not sure it ever was but injuries…suck! My most recent are bruised ribs at Belle, hematoma at Northport, etc and etc. All of which never brought my knees into play so I need a chest protector and hockey pants!!!
I just hope to stay upright and ride for many more years.

Yeah I hear you. Between unwanted hop-offs, creaky knees, and assorted other old-guy issues it’s not getting easier.