It was a time to say Good Bye

Loretto Had Gotten Buddy in 2012
I believe the first Pic I posted of Buddy was October 2012
Buddy had became a part of family.
His adventure of trails started with RP. From there we expanded to more Trails… GR… Calverton… ESS… ES…Manorville hills… North west woods… Blydenburgh…Hither Hills and even CP
Buddy was a true Trail dog.
But he would also run with us at The grumman Runway and around the Grumman Property.
Buddy Hiked with us on trails from Upsate NY all the way to Florida.
He even took a stab at the fort and almost met momma.
Buddy has ran with seal team six members… been with a member of team 8
He was at the NYC marathon and Prospect park… Hanging in Virginia beach…
Buddy lived a full life.
Yesterday was buddys last day with us, Passing at about 2:15pm
He passed from Chronic renal failure due too toxins in his system. I could have been the Lymes… we do not know.
He lived a healthy 9.5 years and was a pleasure to be around always smiling and happy.
I was blessed to have him in my life and blessed to have him Die holding him in my arms

Me and my Buuuuuuddy|375x500

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