Is It me or ..................... Could it be?

Today Manorville. Love the workout of this super fast trail

But, It just like it take? a ton of energy to my the wheels turn and go fast.

Is it because the trail is soft because of the rain?

Is It the wet Pine straw?

Havent had my legs feel this fatigued in years.

Tomorrow probably will be a recovery ride out yonder

So yesterday was the Spider

Today was the Tracer.

huge difference…tracer flat out hauls…WHY?

Gets better with age

I hear all this hub bub about bigger wheels.

Maybe I just dont get it, but they take more energy to keep moving on some trails.

It’s true but I think bigger, as in wider, is great on trails like Stillwell where there is a lot of washout.

I have 26 daughter has 27.5 can’t see much difference.

the 275 turns slower and takes more energy to get going.

But once it is rolling at speed it hauls