I remember when there were only a handful of trails in Suffolk

Way back in the late 1990s there were only a couple of places to ride in Suffolk county; boy have things changed.

Here’s a trailhead image I made for visionmtb way back in 2000 or so:

Just for giggles, here’s one of me!

I’m pretty sure that picture was taken with a 35mm analog camera and scanned… yeah the internet used to look this bad!

I remember RP was 11.45 miles. I remember CP before boundry. I remember when ES was under an hour long. I remember riding 3 days a week at stillwell then on saturdays after stilly we would go do a loop at RP.

I remember helping cut some of CP with Hichborn. That was right before he bailed and Rich Stock took over IIRC.

Since I started there are 8 trails now that weren’t