I got it...........YIKES!

Been sick for the last few days, Scratchy voice, Lots of mucus build up and snot crusting up in my nose. Monday I hit spin and felt great…tuesday it hit and still feeling it today, But did that stop me…Hell NO!
Couldnt resist.
I waited for the temps to come up a bit.
Headed out to Setauket figuring the trail would be frozen…NOT
I rode slow…real slow.
Why, Not only because i was still sick, but because everytime I picked up speed my damned toes and fingers got cold.
Trail was frozen in spots and pure grease in others. Ventured over to the “New” hills and couldnt figure out which way to go because there was absolutely no marking to indicate direction. The climbs were slick.
Made it up Wall and all those hills with no issue, Made it up 99% of the hills except the new one…I still dont know if i was going the correct way

At least one of us got out

In the basement on the trainer.

Today I shall hit the trail again…Snow…HA!

Not deep enough!!!