I did it once again

Went out for a spin around Manorville last saturday

Trail was completely rideable…Lots of Pine staw on the trail. It was holding water so the trail required a lot of input into the pedals…Burned a lot of energy just to do a relaxed pace.

1:18 with 3 stops…door to door. If I keep feeling like this…I will be busting loose as soon as the trail dries!!!

That’s great, I’m hoping to get out there soon now that the weather seems to be turning in the right direction.

Weather… hell its a Nor Easter!!

this friday is gunna be brutal.

Hoping the trails are dry by saturday

God be with you…its gunna be a tuff one

Sunday should be prime for shredding if conditions are still bad on Long Island …can always head to Westchester to play on some rocks…

Had a nice ride at Glacier 8 with the crew…there were plenty of peeps there today…trail was in superb condition!! Got a couple laps in…

Manorville was dry as a bone Hoss…conditions were nothing shyy of peerfect