Hot weather riding

It’s been pretty hot this summer and it looks like this weekend might be the hottest yet. Do you guys have any tips on how to stay cool while out on the trails?

Remember to bring enough water and take breaks!

My tips would be…

  1. Hydrate before the ride plenty. It’s too late once you feel thirsty or dehydrated…
  2. Pick early morning or late afternoon to avoid hottest part of the day.
  3. Pick trails that provide good coverage from sun.
  4. Wear as little clothing as possible…tank tops are way cooler than jerseys…

Drink before a ride.

Cut the pace , but stay fast enough to keep the air flow over your body to keep cool.

Never ever stop when hot. That is a sure way to pop a cork.

Make sure you have fresh new grips that are clean. Grips get real slippery when loaded with sweat.