Hope you had a Merry Christmas

What a Fantastic day!

Some very good surprises today.
1 being some new riding gear…Thank you Loretto!

Another was a ride at Setauket on friday and then a ride …in shorts mind you …at MVH today!

I swear it felt like riding with the brakes on, but it felt oh so sweet to get and ride!

Christmas was good but I didn’t get a ride in :weary:

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I got some trail work done and a ride in at G8 on Christmas. Today was digging on dirt jumps and also played an hr and a half of indoor soccer with coworkers. Made 1 goal, 2 assists, and 4 steals…

Both trails were slow. The leaf cover and being wet made for a slow go. Funny thing is going down hill one had to keep pedaling or the bike would slow down.